Patammathone Pranam Naku Full Mp3 Audio Song Download Naa Songs

The Patamma thone pranam Naku mp3 audio song got millions of downloads on the internet, This Song written by Yasarapu Rambabu and also sung by him, Sathis Composed the music to this song.

This song got millions of views on youtube and this Paatammathone pranam Naaku Chadhuvulammara downloaded by many of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh peoples.

This song bit is uploaded on the TikTok platform and Relare Rela Ganga watched this song on her WhatsApp status and she decided to compose this song completely, then she contacts Rambabu and she did Patamathone pranam song with him.

This song lyric has the beautiful meaning that melts every person's heart, this Patammathone pranam song got millions of views within a day.

Here you can also watch and read Patamma thone pranam song Lyrics in Both Telugu and English language, also watch Patammathone Full HD Video Song.

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Who is Sung the Patammathone Pranam Naaku Song?

Yasarapu Rambabu sung the patammathone pranam naaku chaduvulammara, pedollintla puttina pegu bandham nenura song.

Who is Rambabu? Where is the Native Place of him?

Rambabu is a Student he completed M.A English and Folk Singer also he is a writer, He is from Mahabubad District Thorrur Mandal Kotthagudem Village near Ammapuram village.

Who is the Music Director of Patammathone Pranam Song?

Sathish Composed this song, Sathiss is the folk song music director, he is the youngest music composer of folk songs.

Who is Relare Rela Ganga?

Relare Rela Ganga is a private and folk song singer, she has her own talent and she has a good heart she supported to this song, without Ganga today we might not hear this song.

Patammathone Pranam Naaku Full Mp3 Audio Song Download Naa Songs

Patammathone Pranam Naku Chaduvulammara Mp3 Audio Naa Song Download

Lyrics and Singer Rambabu Yasarapu
Producers Ganga ( Sahithi ), Sudharshan Perambdhur
Music Kalyan Keys
Mixing Balakrishna
Flute Srinivas
Camera & Editing Shiva Velpula
Technical Adviser Jalandhar .B
Original Song Link
Mp3 Song Download Link Download

Patammathone Pranam Naa song Download Ringtone

You can download this song ringtone on the internet and you can trim this song as your wish with ringtone cutter app in android and iPhone mobiles.

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