Chowrasta Maya Maya Pori Mayare Mp4 HD Full Video Song Download

Maya Maya Pori Mayare Video Song Download: This Maya Maya porila mayare song written by Miriyala Ram also sung by him he is a writer, singer and composer he is a multitalented person recently he released a Carona Virus song I,e Chethuletthi Mokkutha Cheyi Cheyi Kalapakura Song.

This is a Band name called Chowrastaa band and this band songs are getting millions of views on youtube and this Maya Maya song downloaded millions of users on the online industry.

This Chowraasta Maya Maya song sung by Miriyala ram, Yashwanth Nag, and Bala, and written by him, this song produced by M, Vikas, Directed by Krishna Teja, 

Chowrasta Maya Maya Pori Mayare Video Song Download

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